Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week Two Goals and Updates!

Hello again!
It's finally acting like SUMMER here in Cleveland, so it's time to hit training hard! Hopefully last week you did a brick workout on your own, since we were thundered-out Friday morning. There are TWO OPPORTUNITIES for bricks this weekend! There will be a brick Friday morning for the Rocky River Girls Cross Country team (and anyone else is welcome) that I will not be able to lead, as I am traveling to Wisconsin with my team for a weekend of training on the Ironman Wisconsin course. Coach Brabant will be there just to start you off, but if this is your first brick and you are NOT on the River Girls CC team, I encourage you to attend Saturday's Brick in Bay Village! This will be at 8am at Huntington Park on Lake Road. This brick will be led by experienced triathletes Eric Gibb and Aimee Millward. Meet ACROSS FROM THE LAKE at Huntington Playhouse.
For both bricks, remember, you MUST HAVE A HELMET. No exceptions! Don't forget to bring a signed waiver and photo release form, too. They are attached to the email for this week.
Finally, Open Water Swimming will begin NEXT WEEK, July 1st, at 6pm at Columbia Beach, Bay Village. Since we have had a chilly June, we wanted to be sure the water was warm enough, so we will begin next week. That gives you more time to get ready in the pool! :)
Here are this week's goals:
--if you are already a swimmer: you should be getting in the pool 2-3 times a week and swimming 1500 yards or so a session. Warm up and cool down with a steady 3-400 yards, and make sure you add in 4-6 100s at race pace in the middle of your workouts to really wake up your arms!
--if you are not primarily a swimmer: You should be gradually increasing your distance a bit each session, and swimming 3 times a week. It's better to get in the pool often and swim a little less each time if you are pressed for time. Swimming is 99% technique, so the more you get used to the water, the better! One lap to the other end of the pool is 25 yards. Try to swim 100 yards without stopping! Race distance is 400 yards so you want to build up to that.
--Take advantage of the Wednesday morning spin classes at the Ride and Workout! www.rideandworkout.com Or, be sure to ride your bike at least twice this week for 40 minutes each time. Don't forget: most of the race is on your bike, so you want to feel very comfortable on it, and also you want to have enough energy to have a good run!
--if you are already a runner: You should be building up a nice little base by now, and should include a run of at least 3-4 miles this week. Remember, the race is a 5K, so you want your body to be used to going farther than that. However, to avoid injury, don't increase your mileage more than 10% a week!
--if you are not primarily a runner: You should be running 2-3 times this week and gradually increasing your time. For example, if last week you ran or ran/walked 20 minutes as your long run, this week try to go for 25 minutes. The race is 3.1 miles so you want to work up to that distance in training.
--Are you hydrating before and after workouts? It is especially important to do this as the weather gets hot! Be sure to consume fluids before, during, and after all workouts--even biking and swimming! Although you may not feel like you are sweating much, you are...and if you do not rehydrate you'll feel sluggish the next day and have a poor workout.
We'll see you at one of the bricks this weekend! Happy training, and don't forget--Open Water Swimming starts NEXT WEEK! Get excited! :)
As always, check here often for updates and don't forget to make your workouts COUNT by logging them in at www.plus3network.com and earning money for your favorite charity!
Mrs. Z and Team Evotri

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