Monday, July 27, 2009

Race Day for 3 Young Quick Chicks

I was too excited for the race to just sit around the house waiting to leave. So I left early for the park and got there before many of the other athletes. Helping these three girls prepare for this race was a lot of fun. They each have great personalities and a huge personal drive to compete. For Brittney and Ashley this was not something new. Ashley did this race last year and Brittney has raced before. Madison, the youngest, was about to become a triathlete.

The day was picture perfect with the winds coming from the south making the surface of Lake Erie smooth as glass.

The beach was groomed and ready for the first nervous footsteps of the triathletes, experienced and first timers.

As the girls showed up we helped them get their bikes racked and gear laid out. I pumped up their tires and walked them through each stage of transition. I wanted to make sure they knew how the race would flow. Where to enter transition and where to exit.

A quick picture of the triathlete trio and we headed to the beach.

The girls would be the second to last wave to hit the water. We waited patiently with all the spectators as we watched the other waves start.


If the girls were nervous it didn't show. Sara and I were nervous but also excited to watch the race unfold. The girls lined up with their wave and hit the water.

I watched them swim for a bit and then headed over to transition. Sara would watch them exit the water, I would watch them get started on their bikes. Brittney was the first into transition, then Ashley and Madison weren't that far behind.

Now the waiting begins. 12 miles of biking. How long would they be out there. Would they push themselves like I asked. I prayed for a safe return and no problems. We watched as the men from the first waves started coming in. It was good to cheer for friend who were racing well.

Sara and I waited at the end of transition with the girls family. Each time a bike rolled into the park we strained to see if it was one of the girls. Brittney finally made it back to transition and was ready to tear up the run course. She was back in her element....the run. Like a triathlon rock star she ran out of transition while snapping on her race belt.

Madison was the next one in. She also made her way through transition with no problems. The little girl with a big heart was on the run.

But where was Ashley??? My nerves were getting the best of me as I scanned each rider who entered the park. "She should be in by now." I was heading over to the finish line when I saw her finally enter the park. Whew. They all made it back from the bike. Time to watch them finish this with a solid run.

As I was waiting for Brittney to finish her race, Ashley's mom came by to tell me that Ashley flatted on the bike. Her rear tire had absolutely no air in it. Ashley rode half the course on a flat tire. We never went over changing a tire. What could happen in a sprint? There was a rough, gravely spot on a trail that popped her tube. But Ashley forged ahead and did the best she could on the bike. She's not a quitter and headed out for her 3 mile run.

With all of the girls on the run course all we could do was wait some more. Brittney came in first with a blazing sprint to the finish line. She looked strong the entire run.

Next was Madison with her first triathlon finish.

Ashley made her way to the finish. She even gave me a smile with a half mile to go. She had such a great positive attitude during the entire race.

The race for these girls was all about pushing themselves and getting outside their comfort zone.

For Brittney it was about pushing herself harder on the bike than before.

For Madison....doing something you never thought possible for such a young woman.

For Ashley....Never give up. Keep a positive attitude. Take what the day gives you. Finish no matter what.

The final results were of no concern for us but I still want to brag about these girls.

Brittney won her 15-19 age group. She also placed 8th overall female.

Madison took second place in her 14 - under age group.

Ashley gets my first place award for her attitude. I know she will be back next year.

Congratulation girls. It was a pleasure helping you to the finish line.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swim Changed to RUN today

Well, the weather just doesn't want to cooperate with us today! We will be doing a run instead. We will still meet at Columbia Beach at 6pm. Bring your running gear and any questions you have about this week's race!

See you then!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RACE WEEK! Open Water Wednesday TOMORROW!!

Hi triathletes!
This is it...race week is finally here! Think about all the hard work you've done to get to this point. It's normal to wonder, "Did I do enough? Could I have done more?" But trust me, the LAST THING you want to do this week is go swim 10 miles, bike 247 miles, and run 8 marathons. Welcome to taper week...where you cut down your volume a bit, but still throw in a little intensity. For instance, when you are swimming, visualize the swim race morning--the beach, the sun rising, and the 40 or so other swimmers trying to get around you! When you go for an easy ride this week, try a few 2-3 minute pushes at your race pace. And when you do your last run, try to think about how it will feel to run on the race course Sunday. Do a few 2-3 minute pushes to your race pace, and visualize yourself flying down the course. Visualization is a great preparation for race day!

Have you registered for the race yet? Time is running out! Register here!

We only have ONE SCHEDULED WORKOUT THIS WEEK: Open Water Wednesday TOMORROW at 6pm at Columbia Beach. We'll go over last minute race details, give you a checklist of things to bring, discuss what to wear and eat/drink, and just generally get pretty psyched up for Sunday morning. There will be no brick this Friday, as you should just do a short ride on your own. Saturday it would be a good idea to just stay off your feet, relax, hydrate with water and sports drink, and be careful of what you're eating. Saturday is NOT THE TIME to have mass quantities of Taco Bell and Mountain Dew. It will NOT be pretty. ;)

Finally, we are putting together our pre-race pasta dinner for 5:00pm at Huntington Beach in Bay Village! The cost will be $7 and includes pasta, garlic bread, drinks, and salad. This will be a great time to pick up your race packet from 1-4 (if you want--you can also do this race morning!) and relax before the big day...and of course, eat some carbs! Please RSVP to Coach Sara at a brick by bringing your $7 food charge. If you can't make it to a workout before the race but want to attend, please let Coach Sara know and we'll work it out!


See you tomorrow--as always, bring running gear in case of inclement weather or waves. And check the blog here for the most up-to-date information!

Happy Taper Week,
Team Evotri

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Smooth as Glass

For those you that missed last nights open water was smooth as glass.

Madison and Brittney joined me at Columbia Park for a very nice swim in the lake. The wind was blowing such that there were no waves at all. There was some "stuff" floating in the water but otherwise it was very clear.

Brittney is a torpedo in the water.

Madison has a great never give up attitude and swam where I told her.

Both are getting very comfortable in the water.

We talked about what the start of the race will be like. How fast some people go and how close you may be to other people.

For all of the Evotri2 athletes.....take you time. There is no rush. Enjoy the swim and just make your way through the water.

While swimming last night I tickled some feet and we brushed up against each other to get the feel of being near another swimmer. This is normal in a triathlon and you shouldn't get freaked out by it.

The end of the swim. As you head towards the beach keep on swimming. As long as you can swim keep doing it....even if those around your are walking through the water. You are conserving your energy better than they are. You should be able to swim in water 12 inches deep. If you are tired from the swim go ahead and stand up to get your breath.

Not much longer until the tri. Bricks this Friday. Open water next Wednesday. Team dinner the night before the race.

Oh yeah I'm getting excited for everyone.

Have a great weekend and see you on...

The Other Side

Monday, July 13, 2009

Open Water Wednesday and Last Brick!

Hello, Triathletes!

We have two fantastic opportunities for workouts this week!

1. Open Water Swim at 6pm Columbia Beach Bay Village, led by the super awesome Coach Eric!

2. Our LAST BRICK BEFORE THE RACE this Friday morning at 8am at RRHS Stadium!

If you missed last week's open water swim, you missed out! We had a great time and got used to the feel of the water. We also talked about race day tips and how to "sight" the buoys. Be sure to join us this Wednesday, as every chance to practice in open water helps for your race! Bring your cap, goggles, towel, a drink, and running gear (in case of high waves). If the weather is questionable, check HERE before you head up.

This brick will be our LAST ONE before race day! Can you believe in less than 2 weeks you'll be a triathlete? For this reason, come ready to push yourself a bit this Friday. We'll do a few pickups to race pace on your bike, and really try to get the feel for running tired off the bike so you'll be ready to rock the race. Coaches Eric, Aimee, and Sara led a race preview last Saturday morning on the course but we can still answer questions Friday and tell you what to expect.

Have you registered for the race yet? Time is running out! Register here!

Finally, we are putting together our pre-race pasta dinner for 5:00pm at Huntington Beach in Bay Village! The cost will be $7 and includes pasta, garlic bread, drinks, and salad. This will be a great time to pick up your race packet from 1-4 (if you want--you can also do this race morning!) and relax before the big day...and of course, eat some carbs! Please RSVP to Coach Sara at a brick by bringing your $7 food charge. If you can't make it to a workout before the race but want to attend, please let Coach Sara know and we'll work it out!

This Week's Goals:


It's time to test your fitness. Warm up, do a few sets of 50s or 100s, and then swim a 400 straight. Don't worry if it's slow--you just want to make sure you can go the distance! If you are a strong swimmer, try a few sets of 400 and descend on each 100 so you are faster than race pace for your last 100. Don't forget to cool down! Swim at least 2 times this week.


You should test out your bike nutrition this week--do you have a spot on your bike for sports drink or water? You should! Make sure to get in one ride of at least 45 minutes this week and if possible, do a short run off for 10 minutes or so. We'll do this on Friday's brick so join us!


This should be the last hard week of running. If you are a runner, do one run of about 5 miles so you are comfortable going farther than the distance. If you're not primarily a runner, walk/jog 3 miles this week. The race is 3.1, so you want to feel comfortable covering this distance.

Practice a good race-day breakfast this week! What have you been eating before each workout? Has it worked for you? Don't forget to end your workout with a small recovery snack--remember, chocolate milk does wonders!

See you at a workout!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Course Preview Brick Saturday

Come on down to Huntington Beach in Bay Village for a "course preview" brick on Saturday at 8am! We will meet at the Huntington Playhouse Parking Lot. From there, we'll talk about race day, show you the swim course and transition area, and ride a bit of the bike course. We'll finish with a short run off the bike on part of the run course. Come see what the race will be like and get in some good training!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We are ON for an Open Water Swim tomorrow (Wednesday)!

The weather looks good but just in case, please bring your running gear.

We will see you at 6pm at Columbia Beach! I just sent out the email with all the details but just post a comment here if you have any more questions.

See you at 6pm Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Open Water changed to RUN today at 6pm--Columbia Beach!

Due to the rainy weather and a higher bacteria count in the Lake, tonight's workout will be changed to a RUN and transition talk! SAME TIME, SAME PLACE--Columbia Beach, which is at the intersection of Lake and Columbia Roads. Park in the church parking lot, carefully cross the street, and meet us there! 6pm--unless it's thundering, we'll be there!

It's always a good idea to practice running in the rain, since you never know what weather race day will bring. We'd all love race days to be partly sunny and 70 degrees, but you want to be prepared for HOT AND HUMID or even CHILLY AND RAINY! Practicing in these conditions makes you more mentally prepared for whatever race day might throw at you!

See you tonight at 6! Bring your running gear and your waiver if you haven't turned it in yet!