Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Brick is in the books

What a difference a week makes weather wise here in Cleveland. Last week's morning storm really put a kabosh on the brick. Last night's storm was severe but only left behind some fallen branches and leaves. This morning was warm and clear for a brick.

Maddie, Patty and Elise (sorry if I'm spelling name wrong) showed up at RRHS for the morning brick. Patty and Maddie were wide awake and ready to go. Elise....well....Maddie had to give her a little wake up call.

Once we got going it was very nice out. A couple of tree limbs covered the Metropark path but otherwise we just had to get around the various walkers. Climbing up the path before the turn-around at Custard Hill the girls soccer team passed us on their bikes.

Wait a minute.....if they are on their bikes....and are soccer players, WHO RUN.....why aren't they riding with us? Go get 'em girls. See if they are interested in tri-ing. The more the merrier.

Maddie, great ride. But next time don't be so nice. Head out on your run as soon as you get back to the school. I do admire your thoughtfulness though.

Patty, I'm glad you pushed it on your bike on the way back to the school. NO.MORE.SLACKING. If you are not pedaling, you are taking it too easy. I can tell you have it in you.

Elise, How does the bike feel with the seat higher? You will be able to get more power from your legs. Don't forget to use the shifters....they are your friends. And those friends helped you get up Detroit Road hill with no problems.

Everybody should think about my comments to the three above, they apply to everyone.

The transition from bike to run should be done quickly

Push yourselves a little. You may surprise yourself.

Remember the gears and use them. We can talk about this more later.

I will make sure we look at everybodies bikes and make sure you are comfortable on them.

Saturday is another brick at Huntington Beach...park near the Playhouse. Bring the waivers.

Game On.

Coach Eric

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