Thursday, July 16, 2009

Smooth as Glass

For those you that missed last nights open water was smooth as glass.

Madison and Brittney joined me at Columbia Park for a very nice swim in the lake. The wind was blowing such that there were no waves at all. There was some "stuff" floating in the water but otherwise it was very clear.

Brittney is a torpedo in the water.

Madison has a great never give up attitude and swam where I told her.

Both are getting very comfortable in the water.

We talked about what the start of the race will be like. How fast some people go and how close you may be to other people.

For all of the Evotri2 athletes.....take you time. There is no rush. Enjoy the swim and just make your way through the water.

While swimming last night I tickled some feet and we brushed up against each other to get the feel of being near another swimmer. This is normal in a triathlon and you shouldn't get freaked out by it.

The end of the swim. As you head towards the beach keep on swimming. As long as you can swim keep doing it....even if those around your are walking through the water. You are conserving your energy better than they are. You should be able to swim in water 12 inches deep. If you are tired from the swim go ahead and stand up to get your breath.

Not much longer until the tri. Bricks this Friday. Open water next Wednesday. Team dinner the night before the race.

Oh yeah I'm getting excited for everyone.

Have a great weekend and see you on...

The Other Side

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