Monday, July 13, 2009

Open Water Wednesday and Last Brick!

Hello, Triathletes!

We have two fantastic opportunities for workouts this week!

1. Open Water Swim at 6pm Columbia Beach Bay Village, led by the super awesome Coach Eric!

2. Our LAST BRICK BEFORE THE RACE this Friday morning at 8am at RRHS Stadium!

If you missed last week's open water swim, you missed out! We had a great time and got used to the feel of the water. We also talked about race day tips and how to "sight" the buoys. Be sure to join us this Wednesday, as every chance to practice in open water helps for your race! Bring your cap, goggles, towel, a drink, and running gear (in case of high waves). If the weather is questionable, check HERE before you head up.

This brick will be our LAST ONE before race day! Can you believe in less than 2 weeks you'll be a triathlete? For this reason, come ready to push yourself a bit this Friday. We'll do a few pickups to race pace on your bike, and really try to get the feel for running tired off the bike so you'll be ready to rock the race. Coaches Eric, Aimee, and Sara led a race preview last Saturday morning on the course but we can still answer questions Friday and tell you what to expect.

Have you registered for the race yet? Time is running out! Register here!

Finally, we are putting together our pre-race pasta dinner for 5:00pm at Huntington Beach in Bay Village! The cost will be $7 and includes pasta, garlic bread, drinks, and salad. This will be a great time to pick up your race packet from 1-4 (if you want--you can also do this race morning!) and relax before the big day...and of course, eat some carbs! Please RSVP to Coach Sara at a brick by bringing your $7 food charge. If you can't make it to a workout before the race but want to attend, please let Coach Sara know and we'll work it out!

This Week's Goals:


It's time to test your fitness. Warm up, do a few sets of 50s or 100s, and then swim a 400 straight. Don't worry if it's slow--you just want to make sure you can go the distance! If you are a strong swimmer, try a few sets of 400 and descend on each 100 so you are faster than race pace for your last 100. Don't forget to cool down! Swim at least 2 times this week.


You should test out your bike nutrition this week--do you have a spot on your bike for sports drink or water? You should! Make sure to get in one ride of at least 45 minutes this week and if possible, do a short run off for 10 minutes or so. We'll do this on Friday's brick so join us!


This should be the last hard week of running. If you are a runner, do one run of about 5 miles so you are comfortable going farther than the distance. If you're not primarily a runner, walk/jog 3 miles this week. The race is 3.1, so you want to feel comfortable covering this distance.

Practice a good race-day breakfast this week! What have you been eating before each workout? Has it worked for you? Don't forget to end your workout with a small recovery snack--remember, chocolate milk does wonders!

See you at a workout!

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