Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to the Evotri Battle of the Schools!

Congratulations--you've taken the first step. You've said to yourself, "I think I can do this." Now, you're going to figure out HOW to do to become a triathlete. You'll see that this sport is super fun, pushes you to do your best and become even stronger, and makes you a better all-around athlete.

This summer, join the Team and try a tri!

Our first workout will be a "BRICK" workout: a bike and a run. We'll leave from RRHS Stadium at 8am on Friday, June 19th at 8:00am. Bring your waiver and photo release form, as well as a bike, a water bottle for your bike, and a HELMET. NO RIDERS WILL GO WITHOUT A HELMET AND A SIGNED WAIVER. We will ride for approximately 30 minutes and run/walk for approximately 10 minutes. No one is ever left behind, so grab a friend and your bike and come meet us!

Be sure to sign up at the Plus3 Network to log your workouts and pick a charity of your choice for your miles to turn into donations. Your hard workouts = money donated to charity. How awesome is that?! We will have weekly winners announced of who does the most swimming, biking, and running!

And don't forget, the latest calendar will be posted here as soon as it is finalized! Be sure to email saraziemnik at earthlink dot net if you need any extra copies of the waiver or photo release.

Welcome to the Team! Get ready for a fun season!

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